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Security of EDS

What is EDS
Possibilities of the EDS
Advantages of the EDS
Security of EDS
Technical requirements for using of the EDS

Using EDS, full data security and protection is provided.

Access to the entered documents is protected by a personal password. Data submission to SRS is performed in chipper, using the SSL* data transmission protocol.

SSL* (Secure Sockets Layer) data protocol is used for the provision of encrypted connections on the Internet, which had been created with the aim to solve the problems, related to the security problems of data transmission in the Internet. SSL protocol supports all the widely used Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc. Choosing SSL option does not require any additional expenses for SRS client, the only limitations may be the protocol version and the length of the encryption key.

Connecting to EDS, the authorization of the user takes place in an encrypted channel between a user’s computer and EDS server, provided by the SSL protocol. To initialize the protocol the EDS certificate is enough, therefore a client does not need their own certificate. All the features related to the initialization of SSL protocol, are set up in EDS server, therefore when a user enters the authorization website, standard TCP/IP connection automatically is diverted to encrypted SSL connections. As of this moment all the information between EDS server and a user is transmitted in encrypted way. All the information located above the SSL level is being coded, including the data, sent and received by SRS client, thus making the information, sent by the client a useless information flow to possible information interceptors.

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