Eligible expenditure

 Published: 14.07.2016. 09.42

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Facilitates filling D4 Appendix "Eligible expenditure on Education and Medical Services" of the annual income declaration. It provides gradual accumulation of eligible expenditure supporting documents such as photos of checks and their description throughout the calendar year, so when completing the annual return declaration in the SRS Electronic Declaration System (EDS) these eligible expenditure documents would be easily added to the declaration. Mobile application "Eligible expenditure" is available free of charge in the Google Play, App Store and Microsoft Store.

Registered users in the EDS can connect to this mobile application by using EDS user name and password. Users who are registered for EDS online using www.latvija.lv authentication module and have not received EDS user name and password can authenticate for the mobile application with the help of the QR code. QR code for a person’s authentication in the mobile application is available in the EDS section "Settings", on the page "Profile". First step is to open a profile page with the visible QR code on the computer screen, then on the mobile application authentication screen should be selected "Authenticate with a QR code" and then this opened QR code scanner should be brought closer to the QR code visible on the computer screen until the code is read and audio signal has identified successful connection.