Establishment of SRS

 Published: 13.07.2016. 13.41

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After Latvia regained independence two organisations were established for the purpose of collecting revenue:

October 28, 1993, may be considered the date of foundation of State Revenue Service when the law "On State Revenue Service" was adopted. This law and the necessity to improve revenue collection and save on administrative expenses was the reason for merging the two above mentioned organisations into one by establishing the State Revenue Service (hereinafter - SRS) which is directly subordinated to the Ministry of Finance.

Year 1993, October 28 - the law "On State Revenue Service" is adopted.

Year 1993 - Tax Control Department is created on the basis of the former Financial Inspection after restructuring.

The main objectives for establishment of SRS were as follows:

SRS is a legal entity with the administrative structure and operations governed by the following laws and regulations - "Labour Law", law "On State Revenue Service", law "On State Civil Service", law "On Taxes and Duties", "Corruption Prevention Law", "Labour Protection Law", "Code of Ethics for SRS Servants and Employees", Cabinet of Ministers regulations, internal regulations and other laws and regulations.