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The SRS Finance Police Department stops activities of a criminal group which dealt with sale of fodder grain and plastic granules

The investigators of the Finance Police of the State Revenue Service (hereinafter referred to as the SRS), having performed more than 17 searches in Riga and other regions of Latvia, stopped activities of a criminal group. The persons dealt with tax evasion and money laundering. Within the framework of criminal proceedings six persons were recognised as suspects.


EU customs investigators get new, powerful tools to combat fraud

Picture this scenario – the European Union imposes anti-dumping duties for a particular product, sunglasses for example, coming from an Asian country. All of a sudden, there is a sharp reduction in such imports from the country in question, but a significant increase in sunglasses being imported from a neighbouring state. Just a coincidence? Not for OLAF investigators, who, with access to state-of-the-art electronic tools, could realise this is a plot by fraudsters to get out of paying duties by falsely declaring the origin of goods.


Upholding the highest standards OLAF helps seize more than two tonnes of counterfeit mechanical parts

During July and August, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) supported the Italian, Polish and Spanish customs authorities in seizing more than two tonnes of counterfeit bearings coming from Asia. The seizures, which took place in Italy, Poland and Spain, are particularly important as the bearings in question could not only cause mechanical failures but could also seriously endanger lives, especially if used in the medical or transport sectors. Coming in different sizes, bearings are used in an array of products, from engines to car axles or electric fans. The illegal trade in such mechanical parts causes significant financial damage to the European industry.