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 Published: 16.04.2021. 18.36

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Using the services of express mail

The delivery of express mail international consignments in Latvia is ensured by several express delivery and logistics enterprises – Ltd TNT Latvia, Ltd DHL Latvia, Ltd EKL/LS (UPS authorized representative in Latvia), FedEx Express (the branch office of Federal Express Corporation in Latvia) etc.

The clearance of express mail consignments which are received from the countries that are not the member states of the European Union, both to natural and legal persons,  takes place according to the general procedure, applying a customs procedure – release for free circulation, calculating customs payments and executing customs declaration.  

To deliver the foreign goods placed in express mail warehouse to recipients, firstly, the express mail shall contact the recipient of goods to clarify how the customs formalities will be completed to the received consignment. The recipient of goods has a possibility to address customs authorities himself and, using an electronic customs declaring, complete customs formalities, or authorize a representative, including express mail, customs broker, freight agent or other to complete these formalities. In case if the recipient of goods authorizes a representative for completion of formalities, these persons shall mutually agree upon the necessary documents (passport copy, authorization etc.) for clearance of goods.   

The recipient of goods can receive the consignment, that is, the express mail can deliver the consignment only after the customs formalities are completed, including the settlement of customs payments.

From the 5th of June natural persons can submit simplified import customs declarations to postal consignments.

To submit simplified import customs declaration to postal consignments it is necessary:

1. to log in to Electronic declaration system:

Electronis declaration system

2. to choose Customs data processing EMDAS:

SRS Electronis declaration system

3. to choose Import customs declaration for postal consignments (Importa pasta sūtījumu deklarācija):

 To choose Import customs declaration for postal consignments

4. to choose Create new:

 To choose Import customs declaration for postal consignments

Please become familiar with the information below before using the functionality of Import Control System of Electronic Customs Data Processing System (EMDAS): Import customs declarations for postal consignments.

While submitting the import customs declaration to postal consignments, the declarant becomes responsible for:

  • correctness and completeness of the information provided in the declaration;
  • authenticity and correctness of the documents substantiating the declaration.

Please pay attention that importation of some goods, for example, medicine/food supplements, has restrictions and prohibitions pursuant to regulatory enactments of the European Union and national regulatory enactments; therefore, declaring the goods in simplified order is not acceptable.

If while filling in the declaration you cannot find the description of the commodity present in the consignment in the list of goods, a standard import declaration should be filled in and lodged with Import Control System of EMDAS. A natural person may also complete customs formalities in EMDAS. If you do not want to complete customs formalities yourself, you may appoint (authorise) a representative at the customs (a customs broker) who provides customs clearance services and ensures drawing up of the customs declarations in general order.

Informationabout restrictions and prohibitions on goods movement and protection of intellectual property rights you may find on home page of SRS:[1]  and or in the Integrated Tariff Management System:

  • Consultative phone: +371 67 12 00 00;
  • E-mail: MP.konsultacija [at], eCustoms [at]

[1] Information available in Latvian