SRS Customs Police discovers an illegal fuel trading place

 Published: 20.04.2017. 11.33

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The Customs Police Department of the State Revenue Service (SRS) discovered an illegal fuel trading place in Riga, in Krustpils Street.

Fuel was stored in plastic tanks in a container, wherefrom it was further sold to private persons. During the inspection, two persons, who were filling in fuel for a car Toyota, were encountered next to the container. Persons could produce neither valid documents on the origin of fuel nor a licence for activities with excise goods to the employees of the SRS Customs Police.

2,150 litres of liquid with an odour typical of diesel fuel, a electric pump with a fueling nozzle, and an electronic fuel meter with rubber hoses were seized.

At the place of the incident, a man born in 1995 was detained, against whom an administrative violation case was initiated according to the section of the Administrative Violations Code, stipulating a fine of up to seven hundred euros.

Information at our disposal allows concluding that the fuel was purchased from truck drivers, who carry out commercial transportation from countries outside the European Union”, as revealed by Kaspars Podiņš, Head of the Customs Police Department.

It is to be noted that this is the fourth time this year, when SRS employees have discovered an illegal fuel storage and sale place. In January, the SRS Customs Police seized 3,200 litres of diesel fuel in some garage in Riga. Two more cases took place this March: respectively 800 and 900 litres of diesel fuel were seized.

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[1]  Information available in Latvian and Russian