The SRS Finance Police Department discovers an illegal diesel fuel filling station and psychotropic substances in its holder’s car

 Published: 18.05.2017. 11.52

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Continuing investigation in the criminal proceedings, within the framework of which two interrelated organised groups of persons were detained at the end of April, this May the employees of the Finance Police Department of the State Revenue Service (hereinafter — “SRS”) discovered an illegal diesel fuel filling station within the territory of some company in Riga. In turn, psychotropic substances were discovered in its holder’s vehicle.

The illegal diesel fuel filling station was discovered during the search in the premises and territory in Riga, used by the person involved in the criminal proceedings. The illegal diesel fuel filling station was equipped with two diesel fuel tanks, with the volume of 10 tons each. Vehicles were filled from them using the diesel fuel pump. In turn, during the search of the car owned by the holder of this diesel fuel filling station, psychotropic substances were found and seized. Diesel fuel located in the tank and psychotropic substances were seized within the framework of the criminal proceedings.

As we have informed before, this April the SRS Finance Police Department detained two interrelated organised groups of persons, which evaded tax payments.

During the investigation, it was established that both groups provided their services to a very wide range of beneficiaries: actually operating companies that operated in the field of wholesale trading in furniture and electrical appliances, in the field of security, in the field of crediting, in specialised and non-specialised retail stores.

We draw attention to the fact that any criminal offence committed in any area of State revenue results in a negative impact on the national economy of Latvia and economy in general. Companies, which, using services provided by organised criminal groups, include transactions that had not actually taken place in their VAT declarations, can offer goods and services for lower prices, which do not promote fair competition among entrepreneurs of a particular sector.

During 40 searches in carefully hidden offices and warehouses in Riga and Riga District, stamps, internet-banking code cards, code calculators, and documentation of shell companies, as well as other important material evidence were seized. The counter-terrorism unit Omega was involved in ensuring criminal-procedural activities.

All the said criminal-procedural activities were performed by investigators of the SRS Finance Police Department within the framework of the criminal proceedings initiated in February 2017 according to Section 218 Paragraph 3 and Section 195 Paragraph 3 of the Criminal Law regarding evasion of tax payments and money laundering on a large scale.

For the purposes of the investigation, currently no further information is provided.

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[1] Information available in Latvian and Russian