The SRS launches its “In-depth Cooperation Programme”

 Published: 07.02.2019. 14.41

In order to encourage better cooperation between the State and responsible taxpayers, SRS has launched the expanded State and Enterprise “In-depth Cooperation Programme”. The expanded programme allows small and medium-sized businesses to participate, and the number of benefits for participants has been increased. Currently, participants can benefit from a number of SRS privileges, but there are plans to expand the programme to include benefits from other government institutions as well.

Since 1 January, the participants of the In-depth Cooperation Programme have been divided into three levels, depending on their level of operations: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Participants in each level are entitled to preferential services based on defined criteria. Concurrently, it offers simpler Programme administration and monitoring processes. For example, enterprises no longer have to apply to join the Programme and wait for acceptance. SRS now offers automatic participation in the appropriate level, based on a review of information available on SRS databases.

Programme advantages include shorter wait times for answers and consultations, VAT rebates, and receipt of permits for commercial activities with excise goods. In addition, Gold members enjoy quicker repayment of eligible expenses, debt repayment, cash register service, and security for excise goods. Other benefits vary according to level. 

All businesses are judged on 15 criteria. Additional criteria are applied to groupings: maximum allowance for delayed returns, annual net turnover and payments into the state budget, and employee average salary, which are different for each level.

The SRS has published the names of Gold Member enterprises on its website. This status has been given to all businesses that have applied to and been accepted in the In-depth Cooperation Programme to date. Silver and Bronze level enterprises will be published in February.

Businesses will be evaluated quarterly, and new enterprises will be included annually on 1 January. A business must be at the Bronze level for one year before being elevated and two years at the Silver level. Programme participants, evaluation criteria, benefits, and other information can be found on the SRS website: “In-depth Cooperation Programme”.

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