The SRS Provides Consultations to the Biggest Genome Sequencing Organisation from China

 Published: 12.04.2018. 15.58

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On 12 April, within the framework of the cooperation between the State Revenue Service (SRS) and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), SRS will be visited by representatives of the Chinese research organisation BGI. BGI is the world’s biggest genome sequencing centre, which intends to establish the Life Sciences and Technology Park in Latvia. BGI representatives applied to the State Revenue Service for a consultation in issues of customs rates and VAT payments.

Last year BGI took a decision to start operation in Latvia, having first arranged a laboratory and then, during next stages of the project, to develop a life sciences park in Latvia.

SRS Acting Director General Dace Pelēkā: “The choice of the world’s recognised and innovative organisation in favour of Latvia is not only a benefit for our national economy, but also an appreciative assessment of the business environment. We, as the tax administration, will provide all required support, so that the experience of business activity of BGI could become a positive example and stimulus also to other foreign investors to connect their future development plans with Latvia.”

During the Sixth Summit of Heads of Government of China and Central and Eastern European Countries on 27 November 2017, a trilateral memorandum was signed between BGI, Wuhan National Bio-industry Base and Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia on cooperation in establishment of a life sciences and technology park in Latvia.

Thus, the Life Sciences and Technology Park will appear in Latvia. It will function as an innovation and cooperation platform for companies and researchers in life sciences, with laboratories, mentor services and support to commercialisation.

The BGI, established in 1999, now employs 5000 scientists, who research the opportunities of genomic engineering in healthcare, agriculture, environmental protection and other areas.  It is planned to open a research centre in Latvia already this summer, with jobs for 15 scientists, and further in the future to build also a genome sequencing equipment plant to employ 100 workers.

BGI is a research company from China, which main activity is genome sequencing and all kinds of researches involved for the purpose of making it as accessible to the society as possible.