SRS National Customs Board Prevents the Smuggling of 16.96 Million Cigarettes from Belarus

 Publicēts: 17.10.2018. 09.14

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As a result of control measures at the border of Latvia and the Republic of Belarus, the officials of the SRS National Tax Board prevented the bringing-in of 16,963,740 cigarettes to our country. It was attempted to bring in smuggled cigarettes both by a truck and in railway wagons. 

        On 29 September a.c, during the enhanced control of the truck DAF at the Silene Customs Control Point, customs officers found that cardboard boxes with cigarettes were hidden in the trailer of the truck, behind wood chip boards. As the result of control, there were seized 14,609,740 cigarettes “NZ Gold” and 890,000 cigarettes “Queen” with Belarusian excise duty stamps, as well as 1,219,400 cigarettes “NZ Black” without excise duty stamps.

          In turn, during the physical control of freight trains entering from the Republic of Belarus at the Indra Customs Control Point, in cooperation with the officials of the State Border Guard last week, several attempts to smuggle cigarettes were prevented yesterday and today. Cigarettes were buried in coal and hidden in wagons with wood chip cargo. Hidden compartments were found as the result of analysis of scan images. 244 600 pcs. of “Premjer” cigarettes with the excise duty stamps of the Republic of Belarus were seized in total.

          With regard to the discovered violations of customs regulations, proceedings were initiated in accordance with Section 20112 of the Latvian Administrative Violations Code in administrative violation cases.

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