From 12th of December 2018 personalized State Revenue Service (SRS) consultations now available by phone

 Publicēts: 28.01.2019. 08.45

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In the spirit of developing SRS customer service, personal consultations are now available by phone. Local customers and as well Diaspora clients can reach SRS client services at 67120000 and from abroad by calling Diaspora client consultation services at + 371 67122443.

This personalized consultation means that in most cases, clients can receive consultations, based on data available to SRS, over the phone. To date, this service was not available because SRS could not verify the identity of the person calling.

In order to receive personal consultations by phone, the clients will have to connect to his/her Electronic Declaration System (EDS) account and name the 4-symbol code on the screen to the consultant. 

There may be specific questions that cannot be answered by phone; the SRS consultant will inform clients as to the best way to contact us.

The client can connect to EDS through their Internet bank or by using their e-Signature smartcard or electronic identification card (eID). Any client who has already set up an account with EDS and knows his/her username and password can continue to sign into EDS for this service.

SRS consultants can advise clients on:

  • taxes and the EDS system,
  • customs matters, 
  • excise taxes and goods the movement of excisable goods.
  • In certain instances, clients will also be able to get assistance, i.e. by the time of submitting declarations by public officials.

More information about SRS phone consultations as well as info about other means of communication with SRS can be found on homepage:

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