SRS Discovers Significant Stocks of Illegal Alcohol and Cigarettes in Garages in Babīte

 Publicēts: 11.04.2017. 09.42

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The Customs Police of the State Revenue Service (hereinafter — “SRS”) discovered illegal alcohol and cigarettes in a garage cooperative in Babīte, Riga District. The SRS Customs Police explained that a man born in 1969 carried out purchasing of illegal excise goods and their further selling to sellers of illegal excise goods.

The Customs Police found 81.8 thousand of cigarettes in a garage. 47.6 thousand of them were cigarettes with excise duty stamps of Belarus (NZ, Premier, Minsk), the remaining — without any inscriptions in bulk.

Likewise, alcoholic beverages were also found in the garage: 1,110 litres of spirit liquid, 238 litres of Smirnoff vodka in bottles without excise duty stamps, as well as essences for preparation of whiskey and brandy. Moreover, 311 litres of disinfection liquid XP10 produced in Poland, from which illegal alcoholic beverages are prepared, were confiscated as well.

Prior to the inspection, the Customs Police already had information about the fact that the particular products were planned to be distributed not only in illegal trade venues, but also, possibly, in cafes and bars. Since the person had already been punished for committing similar crimes, the scheme of how these criminal activities were carried out was clear. Namely, the detained person did not import illegal goods himself; instead, he purchased them from smugglers of tobacco products and producers of illegal spirit. Further, goods were sold to criminals who further distributed them on the illegal market. There are grounds to consider that the person has been carrying out this trade for a long time.

The guilty person was detained. Currently, a security measure non-related to deprivation of liberty has been applied.

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[1] Information available in Latvian and Russian