An illegal cigarette production unit discovered in Babīte; seven persons detained

 Publicēts: 29.05.2017. 10.46

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The Customs Police of the State Revenue Service (hereinafter — “SRS”) discovered an illegal cigarette production unit in Babīte Municipality.

Search was conducted within the framework of the criminal proceedings initiated after a set of investigative activities carried out for a long time. During the search, a fully-equipped cigarette production unit was discovered. Production of cigarettes was carried out in a hangar, the construction of which was not previously agreed upon. Warehouse premises and a production room, wherein the production equipment was located, were equipped in the building; moreover, a bathroom and a recreation room were constructed. The production unit was also equipped with an alarm system, which warned about approaching unauthorised persons; moreover, a reserve exit was created, which could be used by employees to leave the building unnoticed. Upon commencing the search, the SRS Customs Police managed to surprise employees exactly during the process of illegal production.

During the search, the cigarette production unit capable of producing up to 4,000 cigarettes per minute, the equipment packing cigarettes into packs and the equipment packing cigarette packs into blocks, as well as a generator for energy production were found in the production room.

Already produced cigarettes GOAL, approximately 4 tons of cut tobacco, from which at least 4 million °of cigarettes could be produced, as well as cigarette pack blanks with GOAL inscriptions, glue, foil, and other raw materials for production of cigarettes were found.

The Customs Police detained seven persons: six persons involved in production and a security guard.

Several hours later, within the framework of the same criminal proceedings, one more search was conducted at a warehouse in Olaine Municipality. During the search, 5.4 million of cigarettes GOAL and a vehicle, by which cigarettes were transported from the factory to the warehouse, were seized.

In total, 5.4 million of cigarettes, approximately 4 tons of tobacco, packaging materials, production equipment, and 7 vehicles were seized.

The said criminal proceedings were initiated on 17 May a.c. The most severe punishment stipulated by law for this violation is deprivation of liberty for a term of up to five years.

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[1] Information available in Latvian and Russian