Electronic Declaration System (EDS) is the Information System of the State Revenue Service (SRS) of Latvia, provided for broad use in accordance with the safety provisions for work on the Internet network. The system is provided in order to significantly facilitate and simplify the data exchange process between the SRS and taxpayers, ensuring a possibility to submit different documents in a convenient and operative manner by using Internet connection.

The law stipulates that, when submitting declarations and informative declarations, taxpayers shall use EDS, the requirement regarding submission of tax and informative declarations in an electronic form may not be complied with only by the natural persons, who do not perform commercial activity.                      

EDS via support of the Culture Information System Center has integrated machine translation service, ensuring automated translation from Latvian into English and Russian and vice versa. It is possible to activate/deactivate translation into English/Russian/Latvian only from the EDS authentication page. As far as this option is provided by the machine translation service, stylistic and/or grammar errors are possible, as well as completely all information available in the EDS will not be translated. Translation into the language selected by you is provided as a support function and will significantly ease your work with EDS.                       


EDS is the multifunctional site, providing several opportunities:             

  1. To submit all tax and informative declaration referred to in laws, as well as submissions addressed to the SRS. All documents submitted on the EDS shall a legal power, therefore when submitting documents through EDS, you shall not submit the documents in any other way. Besides, all the documents submitted by you will always be available to you in EDS. In addition, EDS provides automated verification of correctness of document completion and information of the customer about results.
  2. To perform regular online tax payments and payments of tax debts. It provides a possibility to pay the whole or a part of the calculated amount, as well as to make advance payment if the customer does not have any current tax debt at the moment of payment. Besides, it is possible to view the history of made payments and status of each payment.
  3. To correspond with the SRS. Administrative acts, decisions, documents and information of the SRS to those taxpayers, who are EDS customers, are notified through EDS; documents are electronically signed with a safe electronic signature and they have a legal force. Section “Correspondence with SRS” provides not only receipt of documents and information issued by the SRS, but also a possibility to reply to the documents (notifications) sent by SRS, to write your reports, to view correspondence and search documents. Thus the convenient access to the whole correspondence with SRS is provided in a transparent way and in one place.
  4. To automatically receive a warning regarding the current tax debts. If the customer has delayed tax payments, a warning is displayed for the user after authentication on the system with a detailed description of the debt according to types of payments. Therefore EDS customers are always informed on delayed payments and the customer has a possibility to pay the debt fast, in order additional late payment charge would not be calculated.                 
  5. To request and review reports on the data collected by SRS, such as about all submitted declarations/ reports, calculated tax amounts, made payments, accounts, licenses issued by SRS, registered cash registers etc.
  6. To register new information or adjust the current data on company departments, cash registers and bank accounts online.                             
  7. To use a calendar for submission of documents and payments with notification statements. In the calendar information about the delayed declarations and delayed payments is showed in red colour, information about declarations to be submitted/ payments to be made soon and declarations to be submitted/payment to be made in the future as well as information about the terms for submission thereof is displayed in green colour. It is possible to easily organize work and plan submission of documents and tax payments to be made through the calendar, besides the system provides also reminders regarding the deadlines for submission of documents and payment terms and amounts of taxes.               
  8. To work with several customers. For example, if you are a member of the board in several companies, as well as you have a possibility to use EDS as a natural person, then EDS provides easy and fast switching between taxpayers represented by users.
  9. To use interactive assistant. It is possible to activate an assistant for each section of EDS, where you can obtain additional information about the opened section and completion of documents.  
  10. To receive a statement regarding existence/non-existence of tax debts. EDS user has a possibility to choose himself on what date to receive a statement as well as authenticity of the statement may be examined by a third person, who is also a user of EDS.
  11. To use tax debt calculator. With the help of the calculator every tax debtor may calculate the forecasted values of the tax debt amount on the date in the future, considering the increase of the late payment charge and other factors influencing the tax debt.

This is a general description, provided for an informative purpose, and does not have any legal force. In case of application you shall act in accordance with the regulatory enactment. In case of any questions, please, contact with the State Revenue Service of Latvia.