Tax base

Progressive PIT:

  • income under EUR 20 004 — 20%
  • income from EUR 20 004-62 800 — 23%
  • income over EUR 62 800 — 31%

1) Annual taxable income

2) Income from business activities

Salary tax:

20% —monthly income under EUR 1667

23% —monthly income over EUR 1667

Income from employment if the payroll tax booklet is submitted to the employer

23 %

1) Income from employment if the payroll tax booklet is submitted to the employer

2) Other income if the employer pays income subject to salary taxes or other types of taxable income, e.g., income from contract work

20 % — income from capital

Total income (dividends, bank interest, life insurance policies, investments in private pension funds, life pension insurance policies, individual management of financial instruments)

20% – Royalties






25% - Royalties under EUR 25 000

40% - Royalties over EUR 25 000

1) Royalties received by 30 June 2021

2) Royalties received from collective management groups

3) Royalties received by 2021 if the contract was entered into before 31 December 2020



Royalties received from 1 July-31 December 2021 (excluding from collective management groups) as long as the receiver has not registered as self-employed

20 % —income from selling capital assets:

  • immovable property (including rights to acquire immovable property)
  • stocks, capital shares, common stocks, investments in a partnership, and other financial instruments
  • investment fund certificates and other transferable securities
  • debt instruments (promissory notes, deposit certificates, short-term debt instruments issued by companies) and other cash instruments quoted in money markets
  • undertaking within the meaning of the Commercial Law
  • objects of intellectual property
  • investment gold and other precious metals, business objects on forex exchange or commodity exchange

Deductions from the sales price of the purchase price and cost of investments in the capital asset during the period of ownership

15 % - income from transactions with capital assets that commenced but were not completed by 31 December 2020 and for which a declaration was submitted


10 %

  • earnings from non-registered business activities of which SRS has been notified
  • income from lumber sales and forest-growing
  • scrap metal sales

1)  Income from which immovable property tax is deducted

2)  Income from which expenses relating to forest restoration are deducted