Delivery of international postal consignments in the Republic of Latvia is ensured by the State Joint-Stock Company ‘Latvijas Pasts’ (universal postal service provider) and economic operators providing express and courier mail services, for example, SIA ‘TNT Latvia’, SIA ‘DHL Latvia’, SIA ‘EKL/LS’ (the representative authorised by UPS in Latvia), ‘FedEx Express’ (branch of ‘Federal Express Corporation’ in Latvia), SIA ‘Omniva’, etc.

Everyone receiving and sending letters, packages and other postal consignments has to comply with the customs rules.

Persons receiving consignments from third countries (countries that are not members of the European Union) have to declare the goods in customs.  Private individuals may choose to lodge the customs declaration themselves in the EDS or to authorise a postal or express mail service provider to lodge the declaration for them.  

To facilitate the process for the customers, the SRS has ensured that private individuals can complete a simplified Import customs declaration for postal consignments in the EDS. The declaration form is available in Latvian and English. If customs official, in examining the lodged declaration, finds that changes are needed, the request for changes will be made only in the national language – Latvian, regardless of the language in which the declaration has been completed.  

The SRS reminds that the laws and regulations provide that tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and the refill containers thereof are prohibited to be purchased online and to be received by mail.