Projektu aktualitātes

To enhance the cooperation of the law enforcement authorities in preventing and combating economic crimes, the State Revenue Service (SRS), in cooperation with the State Police, is developing the Joint Digital Intelligence Environment. The Joint Digital Intelligence Environment will include the Analytic Tool and the Digital Support System, which will be connected to the State Police database. Information analysts and special task experts will be trained to operate the said system.

Currently, the SRS is negotiating with the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of the Interior on the development of a data exchange solution, the amount of data to be exchanged and the work timetable.

Work continues on the development of the Basic System. Tests of the developed system components are underway.

According to the decision of the minutes of the meeting of the Management Committee of the Ministry of Finance of 6 March 2023, the development of the draft of the regulations of the Cabinet “Regulations of the Integrated Risk Information System” was supported and the coordination procedure and deadlines were determined.

A training specification to be used in the training events for the special task experts has been prepared and the documents for the organization of the training procurement have been submitted.

This is one of the two European Economic Area Financial Mechanism projects the SRS is implementing as part of the 2014-2021 Programme “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime”.