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To enhance the cooperation of the law enforcement authorities in preventing and combating economic crimes, the State Revenue Service (SRS), in cooperation with the State Police, is developing the Joint Digital Intelligence Environment. The Joint Digital Intelligence Environment will include the Analytic Tool and the Digital Support System, which will be connected to the State Police database. Information analysts and special task experts will be trained to operate the said system.

Training of analytics experts and operational officers to work with the Analyst's Notebook - the analytical tool is underway. That will facilitate the personnel to execute tasks in the Criminal Intelligence Support System. This tool will make it possible to analyse information, available to the law enforcement authorities, by studying interconnectedness and dependencies.

The Risk Analysis System object’s testing and the addition of new data sources for information analysis and visualization is ongoing in accordance with the Project Implementation Schedule.

This is one of the two European Economic Area Financial Mechanism projects the SRS is implementing as part of the 2014-2021 Programme “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime”.