Electronic Declaration System (EDS)

 Published: 12.08.2016. 14.53

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The Electronic declaration system (EDS) is a safe and convenient method how legal persons and individuals can submit all tax and informative declarations, and other applications to the State Revenue Service. Besides the submission of documents, the EDS offers other online services, like electronic income tax book, information on public procurements and different kinds of reports by SRS, for example, information on tax payment status. Using the EDS is free and time-saving and it provides data security and accuracy. Information on the EDS technical requirements and data security is available here.

How to become a user of the EDS?

  • With www.latvija.lv authentication options – internet bank, eID, e-signature
    • For registration without SRS interception, it is possible to use one of the www.latvija.lv authentication options – internet bank, eID, e-signature. In the moment of registration, the SRS gives a possibility to represent an individual or a legal person (if according to the SRS data a person is a public official or an attorney). This method may be used not only for registration to the EDS but also as a regular authentication method for system’s utilisation. Connect to the EDS.

  • With the assigned SRS user name and password 
    • If it is not possible to use any of www.latvija.lv registration and authentication options, the SRS can assign a user name and a password for the EDS utilisation.

      Step 1 – preparation of documents

      Fill out the application on the State Revenue Service system user’s(s’) information by specifying the following information:

      • Is a client of the EDS of whom the documents will be submitted a legal person or an individual;
      • A rights manager – a user who will be able to work in the system independently, edit own and others’ rights and settings (more than one right manager is possible);
      • EDS user – an individual who will work in a system as a right manager;
      • IP address – (not necessary) in a case if there is need to limit the EDS access to a computer or one network computers


      To become a user of the Excise movement and Control System (EMCS), you have to fill out the application on submission of electronic administrative documents and other notifications to EMCS.

      To become a user of the Customs Information System, you have to fill out the agreement and the State Revenue Service application regarding the contract on submission of customs declarations.

      Step 2 – Submission of documents

      You can submit the prepared documents at any SRS Client Service Centre located in the nearest neighbourhood of your home or work.

      Step 3 – Receiving a username and an initial password from the SRS

      After submission of the application in paper form and confirming your identity (by presenting a passport or an ID) as an authorised signatory, the SRS will register you as a EDS user within five working days and will send the username and the initial password to the user’s e-mail address given in the application. After the username and the password are received, you can start using the EDS. 


      The SRS may refuse to accept your application if the containing information is false and/or incorrect by notifying you in written (by post) or electronically (to the user’s e-mail address given in the application).


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